Customise your Sling


At nojerm we are conscious that not everyone fits into an off the shelf product every time or maybe they feel that there needs to be some adjustments made to make the transfer more pleasurable, safer or more comfortable. With this in mind we have a number of options which you can choose that mean that our slings can be personally tailored to your requirements.

  • Dimension alterations
  • Extra handle
  • Head support
  • Non slip
  • Padded chest strap

Dimension alterations
Alterations to the dimensions can be made to any of the pure compassion slings by giving us the dimensions you require to make them bespoke and perfect for your requirements.

Extra handle
Handles come as standard on all the pure compassion slings but additional handles can be fitted if required.
Hip straps Hip straps can be added to all pure compassion slings. These can increase patient safety where required and can also assist with containing extensor spasm where necessary.

Head support
Head support can be added to all pure compassion slings if required. A number of pure compassion slings have head support as standard so if you are looking at adding head support as an extra item we would recommend that you check to see whether the correct sling has been selected.

Non slip
Where required an additional non-slip panel can be added to the rear of any of the pure compassion slings. This would normally only be used with the insitu range of slings where a client is sitting on the sling. If the client has a tendency to move frequently whilst sitting on the sling this could be added to reduce the risk of the client and sling slipping.

Padded chest strap
Any of the pure compassion slings can have a padded chest strap added to increase patient safety or perceived safety. The padded chest strap comes with a double buckle clip.


Custom dimensions, Extra handle, Fleece lining, Head support, Hip straps, Non slip, Padded chest strap

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