K1 Infection Control Chair

The features of K1 IC chair including optional extras are as follows;

• Adjustable height legs
• Adjustable back rest angle in 5 positions – lockable
• Adjustable back height and back cushions
• Height adjustable arms and swivelling arm rests
• Lockable drop arms and arms totally removable
• Arms reversible to give different seat widths
• Adjustable seat depth
• Seat cushion insert for pressure relief cushion
• 4 lockable castors for easy moving of the chair and patient
• Multiple harness fixing points
• Hygiene gap for easy cleaning of the chair
• Splayed legs for added stability
• Hand knuckles providing functional hand grip when standing
• Compatible with all lifting and handling devices
• Maintenance free
• Waterproof stretch fabric to CRIB 5 fire retardancy


Nojerm has worked closely with a chair manufacturer to build a chair that answered a dire need in the healthcare market.

Chairs have always been a huge challenge in hospitals due to the inability to clean properly and decontaminate after use. Whilst this is a recognised challenge it normally gets bypassed and to date has not been faced up to head on. This is why the K1 IC chair was born.

Nojerm listened to the need and worked with healthcare professionals from across the UK to produce a chair that actually met their needs. This was no mean feat as there was nothing else like it was available which could be analysed and improved. This was a whole new concept to chair cleanliness but one that nojerm rose to challenge.

The design brief was to be this; a chair that can be easily cleaned, cushions must be removable but be easy to re-apply, must be adjustable in 4 dimensions, width, depth, height, back angle. The chair must offer support, be comfortable and be aesthetically pleasing. There is to be no Velcro anywhere on the chair. This was a huge challenge and no one could deny it. Months of ideas, weeks of sweat, prototype after prototype and finally the K1 IC chair.

The chair is manufactured from stainless steel which enables the chair to be cleaned right down to the chassis, a world class first.

The cushions are all manufactured with magnetic strips which affix themselves very easily to the frame but giving a vast amount of positioning opportunities. The magnetic field around these magnets has been tested and certified that they do not cause any danger to patients, medical appliances or equipment.

The adjustability of the chair makes it absolutely unique. Offering all 4 dimension adjustability which in turn means the chair is able to accommodate just about any client from simple to complex in the space of a few seconds, ideal for environments where patients are varied and unknown.

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