Privacy Screen Spares


All the components that make up the unique Cleenscreen range are available from stock. This ensures that for any given situation we can assist you with your needs, whether it be product damage, stock for your facilities department, or a room configuration change which requires additional panels and the associated parts.


The Castor To ensure smooth and effective movement, the Cleenscreen uses a high quality medical grade caster which has a brake incorporated, is removable and washable. The castor is situated in a sleeve at the bottom of the panel which contains a small spring. The spring enables the castor to absorb any floor discrepancies or door thresholds and does this with ease which assists the manoeuvrability of the system.

The Hinge The uniquely designed hinges, one at the top and one at the bottom of each panel, mean that there is minimum contact between each panel. The small hinges which contain small antibacterial washers ensures smooth and effortless movement between each panel. Due to their unique design the hinges can be thoroughly cleaned.

The Handle The handle has been designed to be cleaned in a single stroke. Its smooth curved edges ensure this. Its length and positioning enables anyone operating the system to be comfortable and use it effectively. It is manufactured integrally to ensure no pathogen traps and for easy cleaning

The Wall Bracket The wall bracket is fixed to the wall with 4 screws and each wall mounted screen set has 2 brackets, one at the top and one at the bottom. The bracket has a locator in which the screens are lowered onto to ensure the system is secure. The fact that there are only two of these per wall mounted set means it is quick to install and doesn’t interfere with the surrounding décor.


Castor, Castor Arm, End Panel with Handle-custom colour, End Panel with Handle-standard colour, Full Panel-custom colour, Full Panel-standard colour, Half Panel-custom colour, Half Panel-standard colour, Wall Brackets

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