In 2021, it will be a legal requirement for public venues to provide Changing Places facilities that give people with learning difficulties or physical limitations greater freedom to enjoy daily activities that most of us take for granted.

A Changing Places toilet is much more than a standard accessible toilet and must provide adequate space and equipment to facilitate changing – hoists, height adjustable changing tables, etc. – and ensure dignity and privacy are maintained both for the person and caregiver.

The Challenge: Implementing Privacy Screens in Changing Places in the COVID-19 Era.

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has forever changed our perception of infection control. It is no longer confined to hospitals but has encroached on every aspect of our lives and presents its highest risk in areas that are widely shared by the public, such as Changing Places.

Where retractable fabric hospital curtains such as those used in wards were once considered adequate for privacy, there is a steadily increasing body of evidence to suggest that these are in fact a major contributor towards the spread of infection, even when treated with antimicrobial substances.

CleanScreen: The Medical Privacy Screen Solution

Wall mounted, folding medical privacy screens such as Cleanscreen offer a more practical, more durable and more hygienic alternative to hospital curtains.

  • Their waterproof rigid plastic panels are easily washed down in situ (curtains have to be removed and replaced for laundry washing increasing the risk of spread of any present contamination in transport) and offer few places that potentially harbour dust and contamination.
  • The Cleanscreen privacy screen is impregnated with anti-microbial additives during manufacture for lifetime protection, unlike surface coatings that will deteriorate through repetitive cleaning and friction
  • The concertina-style design of the privacy screen panels means they can be easily stowed away when not in use or to allow easy access and movement.
  • The rugged construction is resistant to damage and will not catch or tear like fabrics such as used for medical hospital curtains.
  • The screen will not be attracted to other surfaces under static charge (unlike curtains made of synthetic fabrics), so the risk of contamination is reduced.

Nojerm is the UK manufacturer of the Cleanscreen medical privacy screen system now replacing traditional privacy curtains in hospitals, care homes and other areas of healthcare on the frontline of infection control.

CleanScreen can be either wall-mounted to keep all floor areas clear and easily cleaned, or freestanding on medical-grade, lockable castors for quick deployment to any location.

The panels are available in a choice of colours – ivory, aqua green and blue – and are modular, so screens can be quickly increased or reduced in length as required and damaged panels can be individually replaced.

For more information on buying, specifying or installing Cleanscreen in your Changing Rooms area, speak to one of the Nojerm team on 01778 420619 or send an enquiry to