At Nojerm, we were very pleased to hear the great news announced last month: £30 million fund to increase the number of #ChangingPlaces toilet facilities across UK.

As stated on,

“Changing Places toilets are larger accessible toilets for people who cannot use standard disabled toilets, with equipment such as hoists, privacy screens, adult-sized changing benches and space for carers”.

They are designed to enhance the health, safety, dignity and comfort of someone who may need extra assistance and other equipment during personal care tasks. Retractable privacy screens play a large role in these life-enhancing Changing Places toilets. Our screens provide privacy for people who, having been assisted into position on the toilet, are then able to use it unaided.

It also allows a carer to use the toilet in privacy if it is not convenient for the person they are accompanying to be left alone outside the Changing Places room. Nojerm CleanScreens are a great option for Changing Places facilities, with hygienic, waterproof and smooth surface benefits, please call us to discuss on 01778 420619.