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With the increasing global threat of ‘new’ viruses, such as Covid-19, and the rise of Healthcare-acquired infections (now the third leading cause of death in the US), there has never been a greater focus on infection control.

Our original and innovative CleanScreen is designed to minimise the existence and transmission of pathogens while also being flexible for use in many different environments.

Multi-drug resistant bacteria and viruses are not a new phenomenon, records as early as 1950 show there was a fear that some bacteria could become resistant to antibiotics.

Hospital acquired infections, and some of these are known as ‘superbugs’, have become far more prevalent over the past 20 years (some 1 in 25 patients in the US will contract one) and, over this time, more and more attention has been paid to methods of eradicating the risk of these infections taking hold.


A Unique Approach



However, even today, Nojerm is unique in prioritising the issue of infection control and developing our best-in-class solution around it by designing out impossible-to-clean surfaces.

With Nojerm’s innovative CleanScreen, you are guaranteed significantly less chance of bacteria taking hold in the first place. Cleaning is also easier, with all parts of the screen easily accessible, so any bacteria that does start to colonise will be effectively removed.

CleanScreen is the safest privacy screen on the market because it:

  • has completely flat, clean surfaces which do not allow bacteria to colonise
  • provides 100% accessibility for cleaning; with no hidden crevices or joins
  • is impregnated with an anti-microbial agent to give a basic level of permanent protection
  • comes as a wall or trolley mounted version
  • is modular, providing flexibility on length and easy repair or replacement

The cleanest privacy screen in the world…

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