Statistics for Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCIAs) are rising, particularly in the North West of England where a CEBM report in early October, stated that 24% of patients admitted to hospitals were infected and of these, 18% were due to contracting Covid-19 following admission.

Ward managers and infection control teams are coming under increasing pressure as they fight the spread of coronavirus, while simultaneously meeting the demand for the additional bed spaces needed to reduce waiting lists for routine operations.

As highlighted in an article on The National Center for Biotechnology Information Journal (NCBI), one significant threat to infection control is the privacy curtains surrounding each bed in an open ward. Made from woven synthetic fibres, they attract contamination and are not easily sanitised. Mounted on permanently fitted rails, they also prevent the creation of additional bed spaces to meet higher demand.

Medical privacy screens manufactured by Nojerm offer a practical, versatile alternative with excellent infection control features.

Manufactured from seamless, wipe-clean polyethylene impregnated with antibacterial additives for lifetime protection, this innovative system of interlocking, folding panels is designed to offer the minimal opportunity for bacteria to harbour and multiply.

Strong yet lightweight, they are easily and quickly deployed, with lockable castors preventing accidental displacement, and after use can be folded away into a compact, mobile unit for storage or redeployment.

Their modular design allows for panels to be removed or added to create cubicles of any shape or size. This versatility enables healthcare providers to optimise available space and set up temporary treatment areas.

The screens also offer higher levels of patient privacy; raised less than ten centimetres from the floor and almost two metres high, they are totally opaque and offer better sound absorption than curtains.

If your ward, department or residential unit needs improved infection control measures, tell your estates or facilities team about Nojerm Medical Privacy Screens – innovation in infection control.