Medical Privacy Screens

CleanScreen – Privacy Screens For Ultimate Infection Control
Medical privacy screens are essential to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in hospitals and homes for patients, but for years, infection control has been an added benefit.

At Nojerm we have turned the approach that infection control is just a bonus on it’s head, designing and manufacturing the CleanScreen system with infection control as a central feature.

All surfaces are smooth and completely accessible, with no seams or joints, significantly reducing the opportunity for bacteria or viruses to be missed during cleaning and manufactured with an added anti-microbial agent mixed in with the plastic to give a permanent germ-killing presence.

Aesthetically designed and available in a range of colours, these robust medial privacy screens are modular, allowing for the ultimate flexibility as well as use during extraordinary situations, such as temporary wards. They are built with Nojerm’s unique and distinctive design hinge, which has just two connection points to create minimal joints between panels.

A CleanScreen reaches to within 10cm of the floor and extends to just under 2 metres in height, providing the maximum physical barrier against infection on today’s market.

Finally, the mobile design ensures easy manoeuvring, with an ergonomic handle and medical grade castors.

Wall mounted medical privacy screen

Wall Mounted Screen Medical Privacy Screen System

Medical Privacy Screens

Mobile Medical Privacy Screen System

Key Features of the Nojerm Medical Privacy Screens

CleanScreen Aesthetically Pleasings


Whole product can be immersed if needed

CleanScreen Waterproofs

Aesthetically Pleasing

Available in 3 colours and 2 different mount options

CleanScreen Anti Bac Additive Availables

Anti Bac Additive Available

Will not wash or scratch off

CleanScreen Modulars


Screens can be built to fit your area

CleanScreen Totally Cleanables

Totally Cleanable

No joints, curtain tracks or textured surfaces for bacteria to hide and multiply

CleanScreen Toughers


Polyethylene is much tougher against impact than other ‘laminate’ screens