Creating temporary vaccination booths and pods to offer both infection control and patient privacy will be a priority for the NHS as it begins the UK’s largest mass vaccination program in history.

4 Reasons CleanScreen is the perfect solution for Temporary Vaccination Centre Booths and Pods

1. Privacy – From Open Space to Separate Booths

Vaccination centres are to be created in arenas, sports centres, conference halls and other large venues, and local GP practices will use waiting rooms and surgeries. Open areas like these will need to be adapted to give patients privacy in such a way that can easily revert to former use once the program is over.


2. COVID Infection Control – Stop the Spread

Its rigid panels are impregnated with antimicrobial agents for long-term protection against contamination and are easily wiped clean, with minimal spaces that can harbour bacteria-carrying dust and dirt.

Raised just 10 cm (4”) from the floor and standing at approximately 1.9 metres (6’ 3”) high, CleanScreen creates pods that offer exceptional patient isolation.


3. Rapid Pod Deployment – Ideal for Temporary Vaccination Rollout Sites

The CleanScreen medical privacy screen system from Nojerm is ideal for creating rapidly deployable mobile vaccination pods. Its concertina design and medical-grade lockable castors facilitate easy movement and stability during use, while a transportation trolley holds the screen in a compact unit to move the screen between locations without damage to or contamination of the castors.


4. Mobile – Easy Redeployment to Other Centres

As the screens require no fixing to walls, floors or ceilings, when the vaccination program has been completed the COVID vaccination booths can simply be dismantled without the need for remedial work.

With a modular design that enables screens to range in length from 1.1 to 4.5 metres, CleanScreen medical privacy screens can then be reconfigured for use in other areas of healthcare or placed in compact storage for redeployment in the event of future emergencies.


Secure Your Medical Privacy Screens Today

As the vaccination program gains momentum there will be heavy demand for temporary vaccination booth facilities such as CleanScreen. To ensure your vaccination centre is ready, contact Nojerm today on +44 (0) 1778 420619 and speak to one of our specialist advisory and order team.