Wall Mounted Medical Privacy Screens

Wall mounted medical privacy screens from the CleanScreen range are fixed to the wall via two stainless steel wall brackets. The brackets enable the panels to be detached and replaced if required and the privacy screens fold back to take up minimal space.

Available in various lengths and in 3 choices of colours. Patent pending.

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With CleanScreen wall mounted screens, the whole system has been designed from the start with hospital infection prevention in mind so that the system can be easily and thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

Screen surfaces are beautifully smooth, enabling easy and thorough cleaning and stainless-steel brackets are used for mounting. Having no microbe-attracting areas and with our unique hinge design, the only contact points between the panels are tiny pivot areas at the top and bottom which are easily cleaned.

With aesthetically pleasing wave form profile for great visual presentation, these medical privacy screens reduce noise levels and limit light glare in the wards. They are modular so that the panels can be re-configured to suit any application and can be disconnected for terminal cleaning if required,

When damage occurs, a single panel can be replaced rather than changing the whole set. Handles have been designed as integral to the surface, so that quick cleaning will ensure that infection transmission is low on this important touch point.

Our screens extend higher and lower than traditional screens at over 1.9 metres for great privacy with a gap under each panel of about 90mm for cleaning the floor. We use medical-grade castors to make mobility easy and each has its own suspension to cope with floor irregularities.

CleanScreens do not get in the way of hoist rails, which often are run sideways from one bed to the adjacent one.