The Benefits of the CleanScreen Medical Privacy Screen

With infection control now critical in everyday life within hospitals and other workspaces, using the CleanScreen Medical Privacy Screen will mean you offer your clients and patients a best-in-class solution.

Smooth, Hygienic Materials – a complete lack of texture and the absence of any seams or joints on the screens mean bacteria cannot be harboured, unlike on curtains or other fabric or fissured materials.

Built-in Infection Control – we use Addmaster’s Biomaster anti-microbial technology as part of the manufacturing process, meaning our Hospital Privacy Screens have a permanent basic level of protection against most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Minimal Contact Joints – our patent-pending hinge design has just two connection points which provide many benefits. It allows complete access for cleaning, has no seams or joins for bacteria to colonise in, and can be folded at over 90 degrees without creating a gap, therefore maintaining maximum privacy for your patients.

Safe and Flexible – these screens are easy to wall-mount and without the need for any replacement parts, CleanScreen means no more health and safety risks associated with hospital curtain replacement. Its modular design allows complete flexibility for any privacy or infection control scenario, whether temporary or permanent.

Maximum Physical Barrier – in addition to the chemical infection control and ease of cleaning, the CleanScreen Privacy Screen also extends to a larger size than any other privacy screen on the market. Starting from less than 10cm above the floor, it reaches nearly two metres in height.

Aesthetically Pleasing – our wave-form profile, available in a range of colours, creates a soft visual presentation and CleanScreen also reduces noise levels and limits light glare.

Cost-Saving – CleanScreens are manufactured to last, with no requirement for regular replacement like hospital curtains. If a panel does become damaged, it can be replaced individually due to our modular design, saving money. CleanScreen fixes to the wall with two small, simple brackets, removing the need for integrated tracking (Add to this the reduction in contamination potentially saving up to $25,000 per superbug infection)

Recyclable – our latest polyethylene version of CleanScreen is made from recyclable materials.

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