The CleanScreen system in this doctor’s surgery in Ireland has made their treatment of Covid patients both safer and more efficient, avoiding disruption to the surgery’s usual activities. They did not want the cost of altering the building to separate Covid and non-Covid patients, so they bought Nojerm’s CleanScreen mobile unit, which divides off the Covid area from the general surgery.

Covid patients come in using the fire escape door in the background, to the room on the left of the picture. This avoids mixing with patients in the general corridors or in other rooms including the room on the right. If staff need access to or from the Covid area, the screens can be simply moved aside. As it is a mobile unit, it will be available for any future space separation needs in other parts of the surgery. You can view our mobile unit range here.

The customer has described the product as ‘perfect’ and said that it is in use every day.

One lesson that Covid-19 has taught us all, is – be careful what you touch. Surfaces can be contaminated. Because of their design, they often contain bug-traps like joints and seams, and are impossible to clean properly. Nojerm’s CleanScreen concept addresses this problem. With smooth surfaces that are 100% accessible for thorough cleaning and decontamination, it is also a best-in-class physical barrier against infection.

screen 1 scaled
screen 2 scaled