Infection Control

The Science Behind Nojerm’s CleanScreen Privacy Screens

It is a fact of life that disease-causing pathogens – bacteria, viruses, spores, mould – exist all around us.

In medical settings particularly, the incidence of hospital-acquired superbugs (HCAs) is a steadily increasing risk factor, thought to be costing the US alone up to $30bn a year. These superbugs kill approximately the same number of people as AIDS, breast cancer and motor accidents combined.

The problem with these pathogens, is that they are invisible to the human eye, see picture ‘relative size of pathogens’.

relative size of bacteria

How can the CleanScreen Privacy Screen help?

CleanScreen has several features which help reduce and control the problems caused by these pathogens and control infection.

Firstly, our screens are manufactured from completely flat, smooth polyethylene with no joins or seams, preventing these minuscule enemies from taking hold in the first place.

Secondly, our screens are manufactured with an antibacterial additive to give a basic layer of protection that will not diminish over time.

Thirdly, CleanScreen is easily decontaminated by cleaning as every part of the screen is fully accessible. Materials are also much less reactive to cleaning agents, minimising the risk of degradation over time.

The infection Quadrilateral 002

Relation Between Infection Control and Cleaning

Studies show that bacteria can remain viable on a dry surface for anything from 4 to 18 months.

We can never completely remove the presence of pathogens from any environment, but cleaning is key to keeping them at a manageable level and minimising infection spread.

We, therefore, need to minimise the risk of contamination – and recontamination – on surfaces and then make those surfaces as easy to clean as possible by removing the presence of inaccessible or ‘germ-friendly’ areas such as crevices, joints or seams.

How is the Nojerm CleanScreen different from other privacy screens or curtains?

The Nojerm CleanScreen is a best-in-class solution for hospitals and other medical establishments due to its many original features, all of which put ease of cleaning, for the purposes of infection control, at the heart of its design.

• Lack of textured surface makes it harder for germs to hide
• Complete lack of seams and joints removes high-risk germ colonisation opportunities
• Use of antimicrobial additive provides a basic level of permanent protection
• 100% accessibility to all parts of the screen for maximum decontamination when cleaning
• Option to completely dismantle for thorough terminal cleaning
• Manufactured using materials resistant to degradation from cleaning chemicals