Should a dignity screen be resistant to transmitting infection as well as offering privacy? We certainly think so at Nojerm with our industry-leading CleanScreen system.

As well as offering unmatched privacy through being 1.9 metres high and coming down near the floor with minimal gap, our dignity screens shield patients from light glare and sound as well as offering best-in-class infection control through a range of dependable design features from medical grade castors to hinges and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Changing Laws To Improve Dignity

It will soon be a legal requirement for public venues to provide Changing Places toilets so that people with physical limitations, learning difficulties or multiple sclerosis have the right equipment and space to use the toilet safely and in comfort.

Both the person with limitations and carers require dignity and privacy and with the CleanScreen system having been designed as super hygienic, it is an ideal option all-round dignity screen option for these Changing Places toilets.

It may be something of a dilemma for you if you are a site that is looking to be compliant and yet are hard hit for budget or unsure of the best longer-term value option when equipping your Changing Places toilet.

Ideal Features And Proven Benefits

Used across clinics, surgeries, vaccination sites and hospital wards, the CleanScreen system from Nojerm is a well proven replacement for curtains and ideal for both privacy and hygiene applications.

With 3 tasteful colours to choose from and the option of wall mounted or mobile screen sets there is a model to suit every need and the screens fold away easily for storage.

Call Nojerm to talk over your needs on 01778 420619 or view our range of privacy screens for Changing Places toilets. We are an experienced supplier and look forward to working with you to meet this challenge.

Dignity Screen For Changing Place Toilet