• CleanScreen – It’s waterproof…!

    Another benefit of the Nojerm CleanScreen is that it is completely waterproof.  This unique feature makes it tough and durable product whilst being very easy to clean. Also, it is impossible to wash off the anti-bacterial additive as it is integrated into the product, rather than just applied to the surface.  Cleaners can clean with [...] More  →
  • The infection Quadrilateral

    The infection Quadrilateral diagram shows how infections can spread.  Nojerm products are developed to provide best-in-class surface hygiene. Check our our new medical privacy screen – CleanScreen, with built in anti-bac technology!

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  • We’re super excited to share this sneak preview pic of the new Nojerm CleanScreen!

    Best in Class Privacy Screen with a built in Anti-Bac material for life long infection control – Available mobile or wall mount – Built in effective Anti-bac additive – Modular (various lenghts available) – Available in Ivory, Aqua Green or Anti-Bac Blue – Very easy to clean with smooth surface and no gaps / joints …

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  • This surface is clean – Really?

    It is no secret that two of the main pillars of Infection Prevention and Control are adherence to a thorough hand hygiene protocol, and proper environmental cleaning. Hands are parts of people, and people that work in hospitals are conscious that hygiene is a matter of importance. So to whatever extent, those hands do get …

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  • Bioverwhelmed

    Biofilm of antibiotic resistant bacteria, close-up view. Rod-shaped and spherical bacteria. Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Klebsiella, Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA Shutterstock Image. Copyright: Kateryna Kon Are we sleepwalking towards a pathogenic doom? Figures such as ‘five to ten years’ have been suggested as being all the time we have left to get on top …

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